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Belconnen Community Council Inc.

General Meeting

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 21 July 2020



7pm                 Welcome and COVID-19 Update from ACT

7.05pm            Chair’s Report

7.15pm            MLAs update

7.25pm            Transport Canberra Update

8.05pm            Update on ICON water and Evo Energy activities

8.30pm            Close

Next meeting:  7pm Tuesday 18 August 2020

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BCC Meeting Agenda and Chair’s Report June 2020

This month’s online event commences at 7pm on our Facebook Page.

Tonight’s agenda:

  • Welcome and COVID update
  • Belconnen Bikeway
  • North Lawson
  • Response from Sports Australia on AIS future at Bruce
  • New Braybrooke Street Bruce development

You can read the Chair’s report below:

Belconnen Community Council – Chair’s Report June 2020

It’s been pleasing to see the continued downward trend in COVID cases in the ACT. While we still have a single active case, we must remain vigilant as the restrictions are wound back. As I walk through Belconnen Mall, I am frequently struck by the lack of adherence to social distancing requirements and the almost invisibility of the 1.5m gap. Can I encourage everyone to be more conscious of the rules that have served us so well over the last 10 weeks as we start to move toward the new normal.

One of the other positives for the BCC is our reconnection with the Combined Community Councils. This crisis has provided a lot of lessons and opportunities to learn from how other Councils are navigating the challenges, and we are all finding commonality in our experiences. As the year progresses, we hope to be able to share those positives and learn from the negatives to strengthen your voice with government.

Belconnen Bikeway

One of the promises being delivered to the community from the last budget is the construction of the Belconnen Bikeway. While the old Busway section is all but finished, construction is in full swing throughout the town centre and UC. As a regular cyclist I am really pleased with what I’m seeing along Emu Bank and should the same be replicated in the eastern corridor this will be a fantastic community asset for many years to come. We will post photos as the work continues and keep you updated on the progress of each stage.

North Lawson

Community consultation on the development of North Lawson are about to commence. This area of the suburb holds some of the most interesting and diverse changes in soils and plant life; many people have not had an opportunity to walk this part of the estate and it is worth the effort!

A full list of online consultation is available on our website and we encourage everyone to get involved to ensure we get the best possible outcome for North Lawson.

Response from Sports Australia

On the back of the letter we wrote to Sports Australia, Senator Richard Colbeck and Yvette Berry plus our interview on 666 Afternoons regarding the future of the AIS precinct, Sports Australia has written to us with some positivity. In essence, the response tells us they have no intention of going anywhere and are formulating a business case for the federal government to consider in the lead up to next year’s Tokyo Olympics. While the AIS remains closed to the public, they are looking forward to welcoming people back as soon as they are able to. You can read more on our website.

New development for Braybrooke Street Bruce

On the Bruce theme, there is a new development being proposed for Block 11 Section 85 in Braybrooke Street. There will be a virtual information session held on Thursday the 17th of June from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. To register for the information session, please send your name, surname and email address to community@juddstudio.com.au and a link will be sent to you on the day.

Please visit our Facebook and BCC website pages to keep up with everything that’s happening.

Stay safe and well in these challenging times.

Glen Hyde


Belconnen Community Council

16 June 2020

Kippax Fair Extension – Update

The Belconnen Community Council (BCC) has been committed to the Kippax Group Centre redevelopment since early 2014 when the changes to the master plan were first proposed.

Over the subsequent five years, the BCC has facilitated numerous community meetings to provide opportunities for people to hear about the proposed changes to the plan and to voice their support or concerns. The BCC also participated in the community panel that was established to seek community feelings and expectations in relation to the redevelopment.

The BCC has supported the idea of a redevelopment of the Kippax Group Centre from the beginning however, not at the cost of the existing green space.

While there is more work to be done and another round of consultation with our community to be undertaken, the BCC believe there is a genuine commitment to meet community expectations and the wishes of the owners of the Kippax Group Centre.

The BCC looks forward to continuing to work with our community to find a design that best meets the interests of those who live, work and play in West Belconnen.

For more information, please click on the link below

Click Here to view the PDF

Update from ICON Water on Belconnen Trunk Sewer project

Belconnen trunk sewer update to BCC:

Icon Water recognise that it is a challenging time for our community – it is understood that with so much going on that this work is unlikely to be of priority, so are providing only a high level summary of where things are up to. Whilst the project is currently still on track with construction likely to commence in late 2020, it is possible that this may be delayed due to impacts of COVID-19.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the projects. Icon Water are committed to keeping the Belconnen community informed and have kept our website up to date based on feedback and questions we have received. We encourage those who want to know more to see the website (iconwater.com.au/bts) any questions can be emailed to participate@iconwater.com.au or you can talk to us on 6248 3111 (option 9). If you would like to receive updates on the project, please sign up on the website.

Project updates:

·       The DAs for Projects 2 (Latham Odour Control Unit – OCU) and 3 (Florey OCU) were lodged with EPSDD in December 2019. Approval was received for Project 2 in March and it is expected that approval will soon follow for Project 3.  Approval for Project 4 (Evatt OCU) was received in February.  

·       The revised Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is being prepared for Project 1 (2.4 km pipeline and odour control unit (OCU) at North Latham) and it is expected that the EIS and concurrent Development Application (DA) will be resubmitted later this month. Community feedback regarding the DA can be made directly to EPSDD during a 15 day notification period. Icon Water will provide update to those who have registered interest in the projects (including the Belconnen Community Council) when this occurs.

·       Sewer bridge over Ginninderra Creek. During the notification period for the draft EIS on the pipeline, there was feedback received suggesting that the a pedestrian and cycle bridge could be installed over the planned sewer bridge in Melba above Ginninderra Creek. Cost of a footbridge needs to be balanced against benefit realised to the Canberra community. Options are currently being assessed and will be incorporated in the revised EIS.

·       Delany Court playground in Melba.  Icon Water had originally planned to consult with the community regarding whether this playground should be relocated, however following feedback, a decision has been made to have the playground remain in its current location. Consequently, during construction of the trunk sewer pipe the existing playground will be dismantled. Following installation of the new trunk sewer a new playground will be constructed in the existing site (at the end of Delany Court). This will involve some downtime for the playground of up to six months.

If you have questions, please have a look at the Icon Water website (iconwater.com.au/bts), send an email participate@iconwater.com.au or give them a call on 6248 3111 (option 9). There is also information on the website about Icon Water’s response to COVID-19 including advice on support that is available to customers.

Proposed Residential Apartment Development – Block 11 Section 85 Bruce

Pre-DA Consultation

As part of the preparation of a Development Application for the site, Maxon Group Pty Ltd, is undertaking community consultation to engage with the neighbouring community and key stakeholders.

Maxon Group Pty Ltd invites interested members of the community to attend a virtual information drop-in session to discuss and provide comments on its proposal for the site prior to the submission of a Development Application.

The virtual information session will be held on Wednesday the 17th of June from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. To register for the information session, please send your name, surname and email address to community@juddstudio.com.au and a link will be sent to you on the day.

For further information and to provide feedback on the proposed design, please visit http://www.juddstudio.com.au/engagement or contact JUDD.studio at community@juddstudio.com.au 

Macnamara Engagement

Ginninderry have concept designs for our newest suburb, Macnamara, ready to share with the community. If you are interested in getting information and providing feedback an online forum is being held. Please follow this link for more information: