Kippax Fair Extension – Update

The Belconnen Community Council (BCC) has been committed to the Kippax Group Centre redevelopment since early 2014 when the changes to the master plan were first proposed.

Over the subsequent five years, the BCC has facilitated numerous community meetings to provide opportunities for people to hear about the proposed changes to the plan and to voice their support or concerns. The BCC also participated in the community panel that was established to seek community feelings and expectations in relation to the redevelopment.

The BCC has supported the idea of a redevelopment of the Kippax Group Centre from the beginning however, not at the cost of the existing green space.

While there is more work to be done and another round of consultation with our community to be undertaken, the BCC believe there is a genuine commitment to meet community expectations and the wishes of the owners of the Kippax Group Centre.

The BCC looks forward to continuing to work with our community to find a design that best meets the interests of those who live, work and play in West Belconnen.

For more information, please click on the link below

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Macnamara Engagement

Ginninderry have concept designs for our newest suburb, Macnamara, ready to share with the community. If you are interested in getting information and providing feedback an online forum is being held. Please follow this link for more information:

Update from ICON Water on Belconnen Trunk Sewer project

Belconnen trunk sewer update to BCC:

Icon Water recognise that it is a challenging time for our community – it is understood that with so much going on that this work is unlikely to be of priority, so are providing only a high level summary of where things are up to. Whilst the project is currently still on track with construction likely to commence in late 2020, it is possible that this may be delayed due to impacts of COVID-19.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the projects. Icon Water are committed to keeping the Belconnen community informed and have kept our website up to date based on feedback and questions we have received. We encourage those who want to know more to see the website ( any questions can be emailed to or you can talk to us on 6248 3111 (option 9). If you would like to receive updates on the project, please sign up on the website.

Project updates:

·       The DAs for Projects 2 (Latham Odour Control Unit – OCU) and 3 (Florey OCU) were lodged with EPSDD in December 2019. Approval was received for Project 2 in March and it is expected that approval will soon follow for Project 3.  Approval for Project 4 (Evatt OCU) was received in February.  

·       The revised Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is being prepared for Project 1 (2.4 km pipeline and odour control unit (OCU) at North Latham) and it is expected that the EIS and concurrent Development Application (DA) will be resubmitted later this month. Community feedback regarding the DA can be made directly to EPSDD during a 15 day notification period. Icon Water will provide update to those who have registered interest in the projects (including the Belconnen Community Council) when this occurs.

·       Sewer bridge over Ginninderra Creek. During the notification period for the draft EIS on the pipeline, there was feedback received suggesting that the a pedestrian and cycle bridge could be installed over the planned sewer bridge in Melba above Ginninderra Creek. Cost of a footbridge needs to be balanced against benefit realised to the Canberra community. Options are currently being assessed and will be incorporated in the revised EIS.

·       Delany Court playground in Melba.  Icon Water had originally planned to consult with the community regarding whether this playground should be relocated, however following feedback, a decision has been made to have the playground remain in its current location. Consequently, during construction of the trunk sewer pipe the existing playground will be dismantled. Following installation of the new trunk sewer a new playground will be constructed in the existing site (at the end of Delany Court). This will involve some downtime for the playground of up to six months.

If you have questions, please have a look at the Icon Water website (, send an email or give them a call on 6248 3111 (option 9). There is also information on the website about Icon Water’s response to COVID-19 including advice on support that is available to customers.

Belconnen Mens Shed Announcement

The Office of Seniors and Veterans has provided the Belconnen Mens Shed (BMS) with funding to assist with the delivery of a program that will bring people together to discuss matters that are of interest to seniors. Although the BMS will coordinate the program; the events will be available to all female and male senior members of the ACT community.

The sessions will be focused on providing information to seniors that will assist them to make informed decisions or to source further information and assistance. The end goal of the program is to produce a reference guide for ACT seniors that provides information relating to:

• Legal services and support;

• Dealing with government agencies; • Coping with grief and changing circumstances;

• Considerations related to health services, medication, insurance and medical service providers;

• Adjusting to deteriorating health, mobility or finances; • Dealing with accommodation challenges;

• Planning for retirement;

• Household budgeting;

• Living on the Australian Age Pension;

• Matters related to relationships, families and older people in caring roles;

• Finding physical and social activities that are suitable for your needs.

Guest speakers will be able to provide information or answer questions. The presentations will not be related to marketing or any form of product specific promotion. The information sessions will commence during February 2020.

To gauge interest and decide information topics and the venue locations and the session times, a survey is available for interested seniors. The survey can be obtained at Terry White Chemmart pharmacy at Ainslie, Garran and Higgins, or from the COTA (ACT Office) located at the Hughes Community Centre, Wisdon St Hughes. It is also available on-line at

The survey feedback will be used to establish the dates, times and locations of the information sessions. The survey results will also be used to select the information session topics and prioritise the dates of each presentation.

Submissions to ACT Government on Kippax DV361 close Friday June 28th

The Belconnen Community Council are working hard to achieve the best outcome from this process, and although DV361 and the Kippax Masterplan have not met community expectations, with a poor community return compared to the massive commercial benefit, the strong community response has not gone unnoticed by the ACT Government. A better result can occur if the community demands it.

June 2019 BCC Public Meeting

All welcome at this month’s Belconnen Community Council meeting on Tuesday 18 June at 7PM

There will be an update on the BCC submission on DV361 that would enable the conversion of public open space in Kippax, to become more shopping centr

The BCC Chair Glen Hyde will give a short presentation on what the 2019/20 budget has for Belconnen and what we think still needs funding.

 All members of the public are welcome. Come along and tell us what you think Belconnen needs.

Kippax Master Plan and DV 361 Update: Submission deadline extended and Planning Minister responds to questions about the Kippax Master Plan, DV 361 and the loss of public open space

Following the April public meeting of the Belconnen Community Council, held to discuss the benefits and problems with the Kippax Master Plan, Draft Variation 361 (that enables the loss of public open space for a shopping centre). Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur (who attended the meeting), undertook to ask questions about the issues raised by the many members of the community that attended.

Planning Minister Mick Gentleman MLA has responded, in a very timely fashion. The full document is at this link:

Response by Planning Minister to Questions by Caroline Le Couteur MLA

Submission deadline extended until June

As a result of no ACT Government planners attending the April meeting (despite the BCC being assured they would attend), Tara Cheyne MLA for Ginninderra (who was also at the April meeting) undertook to write to the Planning Minister to seek an extension to the May 10 deadline for submissions on DV 361. That was granted, and the deadline has now been extended to June.

Letter from Tara Cheyne MLA advising that the submission deadline has been extended

BCC Public meeting on May 21 to discuss Kippax Master Plan and DV 361

The BCC will be holding a second public meeting on the Kippax Master Plan and DV 361 on May 21 at the Kippax Raiders Club at 7PM. We are advised an ACT Government Planner will attend this meeting to explain the Master Plan and DV 361 to the community.