BCC March public meeting – Kippax Raiders 21 March 7.30PM

Belconnen Community Council Inc.

General Meeting 21 March 2017, 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Venue: Kippax Raiders Club, Hardwick Cres, Holt


  1. 7:30 pm Welcome & and call for apologies

BCC Chair, Elizabeth Hirst

  1. 7:35 pm Chairs report,

BCC Chair, Elizabeth Hirst  

  1. 7:45 pm Kippax Master Plan

ACT Government planner Helena Seabrot, or her manager will update the community on the Status of the Kippax Master Plan

  1. 8:15 pm Break
  1. 8:25 pm Strathnairn at Ginninderry

 Steve Harding and Tony Adams will talk bout the DA and negotiations with NSW and update the Belconnen community on the first stage of development at Ginninderry

  1. 9:00 pm Meeting Close

BCC February Public Meeting – Tuesday 21 Feb 7.30PM

The very first public meeting of the Belconnen Community Council will be held at 7.30PM on 21 February 2017 at the Community Room, Belconnen Library.

This month we will have two speakers:
– Attorney General Gordon Ramsay MLA on public art in Belconnen
– Amanda Doelle on Canberra Pet Rescue (cat rescue)

A brief agenda:
7.30 – Meeting Open
7.30 -7.45 – Chairs Report on BCC activities
7.45 – 8.30 – Gordon Ramsay MLA on public art in Belconnen
8.40 – 9.10 – Amanda Doelle – Canberra Pet Rescue

9.30 Meeting closes

All members of the public are welcome.

Water Police Building Open Day 26 Feb 2017 – 1 to 5 PM

water police open day 26 feb

This is your last chance to see this building before demolition! The ACT Government through the Land Development Agency have agreed to let the Belconnen Community Council and the Belco50 committee host an open day prior to demolition.

There will be a sausage sizzle provided by the Lake Ginninderra Sea Scouts and face painting and a jumping castle to keep the kids amused. The Sea Scouts are also holding a regatta beforehand, and there is a jetty – so why not arrive by canoe!
Guided access to the building will be provided, including the upper level. Unfortunately, there is no disabled access to the upper level.

The AFP Museum has provided some historical documents related to the building that will also be on display.

This is it folks, in the days after this event the building will be prepared for demolition, ahead of the sale of the site.

Belconnens 50th Birthday 23 June 2016 – All welcome

Belconnens 50th Birthday 23 June 2016

Belconnens 50th Birthday 23 June 2016

All Belconnen residents are invited  to the Official ceremony commemorating Belconnen’s 50th birthday.

The Belco50 Committee are planning a mid morning event at the Aranda Playing fields on 23 June 2016

Briefly, the ceremony will consist of a Welcome to Country, a short introduction from the Chair of the Belconnen Community Council, and an address by Minister Chris Bourke (representing the Chief Minister who will be overseas). Refreshments will be provided

The birthday celebration begins at 10.30AM. Displays of historic photos and a document to be signed for later placement in a time capsule will be available.

There will be cake!

May public meeting of the BCC – Minister Fitzharris and Transport Canberra

Minister Meegan Fitzharris will be at the May meeting of the BCC. She will be speaking about Transport Canberra. The new head of Transport Canberra, Emma Thomas, will also attend.

We will also hear from the Retired ACT Transport Employees Club about preserving Canberra’s transport heritage and the role their members have played moving us all around Canberra since the capital was established.

We invite all members of the public to attend our May public meeting on: Tuesday 17 May at 7PM at the Community Room above the Belconnen Library.

A brief agenda is as follows:

7.00PM – Meeting opens – Apologies, Chairs report

7.10PM – Retired ACT Transport Employees Club

7.40PM – Minister Meegan Fitzharris and Emma Thomas

9.00PM – Meeting closes

Further information can be found on our Facebook page and website: www.belcouncil.org.au

BCC Tuesday April 19th Public Meeting – Agenda

Belconnen Community Council Inc.

General Meeting 19 April 2016, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Venue: Theatre@BCS, Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court (opposite Belconnen Community Bus Interchange)

Note: Earlier starting time of 7PM


1.  7:00 pm Welcome & and call for apologies

2.  7:05 pm Chair’s report including Belco50

3.  7.15 pm Riverview – West Belconnen update

4.  7:30 pm Possible update on sensitive issue regarding Giralamg

5. 7:50 pm  Make Hack Void – ‘makerspace’ presentation

6. 9:00 pm  Meeting Close

Please complete a BCC membership application

Membership is free (see form for membership eligibility)


BCC March 2016 Public meeting – How will we celebrate Belconnens 50th birthday?

BCC Public meeting – How will we celebrate Belconnens 50th birthday?
When: 7.30PM Tuesday 15 March
Where: Theatre@BCS, Belconnen Community Centre
Swanson Court (opposite Belconnen Community Bus Interchange), Belconnen

At the March 15 Belconnen Community Council general meeting, the 50th birthday of Belconnen will be discussed in depth and we want your ideas and participation.

After an introduction by BCC Chair Damien Haas, we will receive a short update on Climate Change adaptation by the ACT Govt.

We will then discuss Belconnens 50th in 2016:

• A brief presentation by Bryan Rhynehart on the founding of Belconnen in June 1966.
• BAC CEO Daniel Ballantyne will update the community on Belco50 events centered around the Belconnen Arts Centre.
• BCC Chair Damien Haas will facilitate discussion on community participation and ideas

How can you or your community organisation or business take part in Belconnens birthday? Please come along.

If you have any questions please email hello@belcouncil.org.au

First sod turned on UC Public Hospital in Belconnen

sod turned

Joint Media Release: Chief Minister Andrew Barr and Simon Corbell MLA

In 2012 ACT Labor announced its plan to build a new public hospital. Today Simon Corbell and I turned the first sod to start construction on the $139 million project. We’re delivering on our promise.

The new Hospital is one of the most important projects the ACT Government is undertaking, and will significantly change how we deliver health services here in the ACT.

We are committed to delivering the best health services to Canberrans, and the new facility will help alleviate pressure on our existing hospitals and expand our health facilities in Canberra – ensuring more patients can be treated for a wider range of health issues in the ACT.

In addition to improving health services, the construction of the project will also see more jobs over the coming years, as well as improving economic activity in the Belconnen area. It will help the University of Canberra grow and attract new students and researchers.

This is another great example of how the ACT Government’s reforms are enabling the University of Canberra to provide more community orientated services on the campus.

Mr Corbell said the new hospital would provide a combination of 140 admitted overnight beds and 75 admitted day service places as well as extensive, purpose built ambulatory areas and outpatient services. It would feature a variety of specially designed therapy and support spaces, such as gyms, hydrotherapy pool, kitchens and rehabilitation courtyards.

“This project will benefit our local health system in many ways. A major focus of the Health Infrastructure Program is looking at the future health care needs of our community and how we can best meet them, and including teaching and research opportunities at the new hospital is an important part of that,” Mr Corbell said.

“The day service model is an innovative feature of the new hospital, and will enable some people to complete their rehabilitation while staying in their own home, avoiding a lengthy hospital stay.”

The University of Canberra Public Hospital will also be a teaching hospital, offering valuable real-world training for future health care professionals as well as research opportunities.

“The hospital will incorporate a number of environmentally friendly features, such as solar panel cells on the roof, LED lights, daylight sensing control and dimmable lights in north-facing areas. Bicycle facilities will also be provided to give students, staff and visitors the opportunity to ride their bikes to the hospital where possible,” Mr Corbell said.

“I am pleased to see environmentally friendly design elements being incorporated into our public facilities. Naturally, this has been an important consideration for the University of Canberra Public Hospital.”

“I look forward to seeing construction progress on this important project, and to seeing how it will help advance our health system into the future,” Mr Corbell concluded.

Construction of the hospital is expected to be completed in 2018, with the hospital receiving its first patients that year.

Light Rail to Belconnen? BCC ask for Stage Two to go to Kippax via the Belconnen Town Centre

Kippax to Belconnen Town Centre to Civic light rail route proposal

In late 2015 the ACT Government released the Light Rail Network Plan for community consultation. The Network Plan contained a proposal for a Belconnen light rail route. The BCC do not have a view on Capital Metro Stage One, as it is not a Belconnen project. Individual committee members do have views however no consensus has been agreed upon in the BCC Committee on the issue.

At the final BCC Committee meeting for 2015, in November, discussion on a BCC submission to the Light Rail Network Plan occurred. It was felt that despite not having a BCC position on Capital Metro Stage One, that if Capital Metro Stage Two was built that the BCC Committee would like to see it built to Belconnen, to provide better public transport options for Belconnen residents.

The Light Rail Network Plan contains several maps, one shows a light rail route running from Civic to the Belconnen Town Centre and then to Kippax. The BCC Committee support this route, acknowledging that it is largely conceptual and that fine tuning of any actual route location and stops would be determined if a business case was prepared for the Belconnen route.

Following the BCC Committees majority vote for a submission, it was prepared by BCC Committee Members Glenn Hyde and Chander Khera and submitted by the BCC Secretary Chander Khera following editing and endorsement by other BCC Committee members.

The BCC Submission is as follows:

Response to LIGHT RAIL Network PLAN 2015

The Belconnen Community Council (BCC) is pleased to present its feedback on the ACT Government’s Light Rail Network Plan 2015. We ask that if a second stage of Capital Metro is constructed, that the government proceed with the proposed Civic to Kippax light rail link.

The principle of providing a heavy lift corridor that services community/business areas and centres of excellence is best realised with a Kippax to Civic via Belconnen Town Centre light rail. Access to Calvary Hospital, the AIS, the University of Canberra and CISAC would provide all day patronage.

As the largest town centre, Belconnen is the perfect option for the next stage of Capital Metro. The broad expanse and wide medians of Ginninderra Drive, Belconnen Way/Barry Drive and Southern Cross Drive, provide a fit for purpose infrastructure base regardless of the route selected.

Greater access to transport options is a key aspect to reducing traffic congestion, increasing productivity and opening up business opportunities. Light rail would open up access to residents of new and existing suburbs to the town centre, local businesses, community areas, hospitals and education facilities. Light rail could encourage large employers to remain in the town centre.

A Kippax light rail terminus integrated with Park and Ride and more frequent local bus services, provides a strong alternative to the private car for residents of existing and new areas of West Belconnen. The Kippax Draft Master Plan identifies increased public transport demand from Riverview and West Macgregor expansion increasing population. The Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan also identifies residential growth in the Town Centre. This increase in people, housing and road traffic over the next 25 years places extraordinary pressure on infrastructure, particularly in the Town Centre and the Kippax precinct. Light rail is best placed to meet this demand.

The BCC believe that the opportunities for our community to participate in jobs (through construction of light rail), better business options, access to services and centres of activity are key attractions in delivering Stage Two to Belconnen. The fact we are the largest town centre and the jewel in Canberra’s crown should be the clincher in expanding the Light Rail network to Belconnen.

Stage Two of Capital Metro from Civic to Kippax via the Belconnen Town Centre, would support the community’s desire for the long term viability and enjoyment of our town centre, and ease current and future transport pressures in our outer suburbs. It would also ensure the town centres continuing viability as an attractive employment and economic centre.

If Capital Metro Stage Two is built, the BCC look forward to further discussing with Government, our support for light rail being built to Kippax.

The BCC submission on the Light Rail Network Plan can be downloaded here.

(Disclosure: Acting BCC Chair Damien Haas is also the Chair of ACT Light Rail, but stresses that all decisions made by the BCC are Committee decisions and he has never prevented or promoted discussion on Capital Metro Stage One. The committee vote on the BCC submission on the Light Rail Network Plan was made prior to Mr Haas becoming BCC Acting Chair).

BCC Submission to the NCA on NCP DA 86 – CSIRO site in Belconnen

csiro site

CSIRO Ginninderra Field Station area at top in pink


The BCC recently made a submission to the National Capital Authority on National Capital Plan Draft Amendment 86 update to the National Capital Plan in respect to the rezoning of the CSIRO Ginninderra Field Station. The BCC support the rezoning proposal.

Since the announcement that the CSIRO would be relocating its research facility to NSW from its Ginninderra Field Station in Belconnen, and would seek to have the site rezoned and developed for residential housing, they have liaised with the community to explain their decision.

At our September public meeting we held a community consultation session where the CSIRO presented its long term proposal for the site, and received feedback from the public. Many questions were asked and answered that night.

The CSIRO held several other public sessions and has liaised extensively with the surrounding community on the proposal.

Several concerns from the community, raised at that meeting, have been picked up in our submission. Other community members have emailed their comments to us and we have also included those concerns in our submission.

While the BCC do not oppose the draft amendment proposal to change the Ginninderra Field Site from ‘Hills Ridges and Buffer Spaces’ to ‘Urban Area’ under National Capital Draft Amendment 86, we feel that there is some work to be done before that can occur.

The BCC propose that:

  • the environmental studies are completed before the rezoning occurs,
  • that buffer zones along the Barton Highway be identified,
  • that the CSIRO and the ACT Government enter into a Memorandum of Understanding in respect to planning controls over the area, and
  • that a Master Plan covering the site be completed with significant community input.

We would urge you to read our submission in full.

The BCC submission on NCP DA 86 is here.

The NCA website on NCP DA 86 is here.

The CSIRO website on the Ginninderra Field Site project is here.