Meet the Belconnen Community Council Committee (2022/23):


Executive Committee Members:

Chair – Lachlan Butler

Deputy Chair – Glen Hyde

Secretary – Vacant

Treasurer – Maree Pavloudis


Committee Members:

Aimee Castrission

Martha Kinsman

Charles Thomas – Public Officer 

Matt Watts


Committee Bios:

Lachlan Butler – Chair

As someone who lives, works and has studied within the Belconnen district, I want Belconnen to continue being the best district within Canberra.

I joined the BCC to have a positive impact and contribute to our community, and to promote a strong local voice to ensure the short and long-term interests of the Belconnen district are heard.

I look forward to working with the committee, government and external stakeholders, and the broader Belconnen community to meet and exceed the objectives of the Belconnen Community Council. 


Glen Hyde – Deputy Chair

As a 30 year resident of the ACT and the last 24 here in the Belconnen district, I’ve had the pleasure of raising a family and working in “the Jewel in Canberra’s Crown”. I’ve been a public servant all my life and involved in junior sport, committees and community based organisations since arriving in Belconnen in late 1995.

We have much to be thankful for and so much more to protect as the largest district in the territory; our role is to promote our values and continue to grow the needs of our residents, businesses, students and visitors to the district now and in the future.


Secretary – Vacant


Maree Pavloudis – Treasurer

The BCC is just one of the many community groups that Maree is involved with. A long term Belconnen resident with a passion for helping others, Maree has stepped up to take on the role of Treasurer for the next year.

Maree also keeps the BCC Facebook page updated by sharing information from local MLAs and community groups.


Aimee Castrission – Committee Member

As a lifelong Belconnen resident, I have lived, worked and studied in the Belconnen region and I understand what makes our region one of the best parts of Canberra. I have lived in new and old suburbs of Belconnen, close to the town centre, and in West Belconnen, and I am very aware of the challenges facing our region, as well as the characteristics of Belconnen that make it such a great place to live and spend time in.

As an early resident of the new Ginninderry development in Belconnen’s West, I want to make a positive impact for my community as it continues to grow, and give a voice to Ginninderry residents.

With a background in policy development and stakeholder engagement, I look forward to using my skills and experience to work with fellow members of the Belconnen Community Council to contribute to a better future for Belconnen.


Martha Kinsman – Committee Member


Charles Thomas – Public Officer and Committee Member

Thanks to the CSS I am a retired public servant with an economics background.  Being secretary of the local Lutheran Church takes up much of my time.  I’m involved in community service (not necessarily associated with the church).

My interests are: wine (I belong to a wine-tasting group); chocolate; model railways and the real thing; hiking especially in dense forest; the natural environment – fauna and flora; especially frogs and lizards (the extended family started Sydney, Melbourne and Perth zoos); art; architecture; history; and travel.

I do not have much time to watch TV but try to watch the news, Doctor Who and Catalyst.

Matt Watts – Committee Member

Having lived in the Belconnen district for around 20 years, most of which in the Town Centre, Matt now lives in Charnwood.  Matt is involved in a number of community volunteer organisations; he commenced his involvement with the Belconnen Community Council in 2008, and has held a number of committee positions since that time.

Matt holds a Master of Public Policy (specialising in Social Policy) from the Australian National University, and has been employed as a Commonwealth public servant for over two decades.