Meet the Belconnen Community Council Committee (2017/18):

Executive Committee Members:

Chair – Glen Hyde

Deputy Chair – Damien Haas

Treasurer – Mary van de Graaff

Secretary – Bronwyn Vincent

Public Officer – Brian Rhynehart

Committee Members:

Charles Thomas

Gabrielle Blair

Maree Pavloudis

Glen Hyde – Chair

As a 30 year resident of the ACT and the last 24 here in the Belconnen district, I’ve had the pleasure of raising a family and working in “the Jewel in Canberra’s Crown”. I’ve been a public servant all my life and involved in junior sport, committees and community based organisations since arriving in Belconnen in late 1995. We have much to be thankful for and so much more to protect as the largest district in the territory; our role is to promote our values and continue to grow the needs of our residents, businesses, students and visitors to the district now and in the future.

Damien Haas – Deputy Chair

A long term Belconnen resident, I have been elected to Deputy Chair, Secretary and Committee positions several times. The skills that I have are useful to the BCC Committee and how it represents the various concerns of the community to Government and the ACT bureaucracy.

Bronwyn Vincent – Secretary

Mary van de Graaff – Treasurer

Charles Thomas – Committee Member

Thanks to the CSS I am a retired public servant with an economics background.  Being secretary of the local Lutheran Church takes up much of my time.  I’m involved in community service (not necessarily associated with the church).   My interests are: wine (I belong to a wine-tasting group); chocolate; model railways and the real thing; hiking especially in dense forest; the natural environment – fauna and flora; especially frogs and lizards (the extended family started Sydney, Melbourne and Perth zoos); art; architecture; history; and travel.  I do not have much time to watch TV but try to watch the news, Doctor Who and Catalyst.

Brian Rhynehart – Committee Member and Public Officer

Born and raised in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, my employment background had been technically oriented; as a linesman with the Post Master Generals Department (in Sydney & Canberra) then as a Technical Officer with the Department of Housing and Construction, concerned with the construction of the Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre, then as a Senior Technical Officer responsible for the operation of the Treatment Plant and for a period with “Trade Waste” investigations.

In early retirement, due to familiarity with construction, I became involved with the West Belconnen LAPAC before finding BCC. I am a long-serving member of the committee having served a stint as vice President.

I have an extensive interest in genealogy, and am also involved in the Ginninderra Falls Association, Neighbourhood Watch, the Canberra and District Historical Society and the National Trust.  I am passionate about Belconnen and its heritage.  I was active in establishing the Ginninderra Falls Association and was involved, with others, in having the old Belconnen farm, with its 1850s stone cottage, heritage-listed a few years ago.

I am prepared to put effort into the many small, local community problems and issues that require time and effort, as well as the “major” issues; “smoke screens” that seem to dominate at the expense of the smaller matters.

Over the years, I have been hands-on in practical ways such as assisting with provision or erection of equipment at council meetings and community activities, assessing the impact of development applications, attending a plethora of meetings, visiting schools, shops and other organisations.

I look forward to continuing my involvement in the community.

Gabrielle Blair