Membership of the BCC is free and continues until such time as the Secretary receives notification of cancellation or the member no longer meets the following criteria (and has not applied for an exemption) as per the BCC’s current constitution):

(a) resides in Belconnen; or
(b) holds a lease over property located in Belconnen;  or
(c) owns or operates a business or other establishment in Belconnen; or
(d) is employed in a business, government department or other establishment in Belconnen; or
(e) is a student in a secondary college or tertiary institution in Belconnen.

You do not need to be a member to attend and/or contribute at BCC public meetings (or any other BCC event), but voting rights for non-members are restricted to motions relating to guest presentations. You must be a BCC member to be able to vote at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

Whether you have been to a BCC public meeting recently or simply have an interest in all things related to Belconnen, we encourage you to complete a membership form.

The membership form can be returned at public meetings or via e-mail to Hard copy forms will also be available to fill out at meetings. Once you have been entered into the membership register, the Secretary will confirm your membership.

Our general newsletter mailing list will continue to remain separate to membership (ie if you are on the mailing list but not a member, you will still receive our e-mails).

Download a BCC Membership Form from this link

Use our online form from this link