We heard updates on Macnamara Neighbourhood 2, Belconnen Village on Walder, and the Hawker Woolworths consultation.

Below is a link to the meeting recording, with timestamps for each agenda item.

View the meeting recording here!
Passcode: EaEa*?8J


00:00:00 Welcome / Chair’s Report

00:08:00 MLA Updates

00:22:00 Presentation on Macnamara Neighbourhood 2: EDP and Offsite Works.
Presented by Rennae Sillett, Tait Network

00:30:00 Presentation on Belconnen Village on Walder (Block 5, Section 22, Belconnen).
Presented by Marcus Graham and Igor Kochovski, Stewart Architecture

01:03:00 Presentation on Hawker Woolworths consultation.
Presented by Tony Pratt, Woolworths

01:31:00 General Business:

  • Petition to build and maintain Canberra’s cycle network – Pedal Power