Belconnen Community Council General Meeting October 2021 – Agenda

Belconnen Community Council Inc.

General Meeting

via Zoom

19 October 2021



7pm                 Welcome and COVID-19 Update from ACT

7.05pm            Chair’s Report

7.15pm            MLAs update

7.25pm            William Hovell Drive Duplication community discussion

8.15pm            General Business

8.30pm            Close

Next meeting:  7pm Tuesday 16 November 2021

In person: Holy Cross Church Emu Bank Belconnen

Online: via Zoom

Green Waste Win for Belconnen

After weeks of community concern and advocacy, the ACT Government has granted the operators of the West Belconnen Green Waste facility (Canberra Sand and Gravel) an extension to continue to operate.

Your Community Council was advised late this afternoon:
In response to community feedback, the ACT Government will extend CSG’s licence on a temporary basis while alternatives for green waste management on the northside are identified.

Congratulations to Minister Steel for hearing every member of this district (and beyond) who signed a petition or conveyed their need for a continued presence for green waste facilities. This is the essence of what we as a community can achieve when we work together with government to get the best possible outcome for our district. Thank you to our Ginninderra MLAs who have supported this outcome.

We look forward to working with the government and the community to identify an appropriate alternative site over the coming months to keep Belconnen “the Jewel in Canberra’s Crown”.

You can get more information here:

Letter to residents regarding Kippax works

The ACT Government have updated local residents about works to be undertaken in and around Kippax. This work relates to the process being undertaken to assess site suitability for the tender process EOI announced on 27 March 2021.

You can read the flier here:

If you have feedback on the process we are happy to pass it on to EPSDD or you can provide it directly here:

Belconnen Community Council Chair’s Report – March 2021

Another month has passed us by in 2021 but finally the work has started on the duplication of Gundaroo Drive. It has taken a number of years to get this important work underway and after almost a decade of constant lobbying through budget submissions and the like, we will see this crucial thoroughfare that links us to Gungahlin deliver better outcomes for those who live, work and play in our district.

The ACT Government has delivered on the traffic controls at Owen Dixon Drive, but more needs to be done with Kuringa Drive to make it a safer connection to West Belconnen. With more people moving into the West Belconnen area over the next decade and beyond, the demand on our roadways will only increase and the northern corridors are just as important as those to the south.

Speaking of growth, we come to this month’s big topic: Kippax Centre expansion. Our efforts to bring the spotlight back onto this important project has produced some interesting results. Media were quick to pick the story up again, as were EPSDD once word got around the community. We had written to them in January and throughout February; the result now being that we have engagement with the Directorate again and some understanding of next steps for the site investigations being undertaken.

While we make no judgement of why this work was to be undertaken without wide consultation and community awareness, the fact that state of play has changed is the important thing.

As is the updated design from the Owners of Kippax Fair and Canberra Town Planning. The BCC Committee have been consulted and involved in the new design which we believe is ready for socialising with our community. There are improvements that bring this version more into alignment with community expectations that have been discussed regularly since 2014; it’s been pleasing to see this embodied in so many of the changes in this design offering.

While it won’t meet everyone’s expectations, we have taken the view that we can’t wait for a “perfect solution” to materialise. There are concessions that need to be made by all parties to ensure a quality piece of community infrastructure is available to the generations who follow us. I’m reminded of the concerns raised in the 1970s with the design of Benjamin and Eastern Valley Ways that capped and redirected flood plains through the new Town Centre down to Emu Bank. The general opposition was that this would create all kinds of environmental and water movement problems that would last for generations. What did occur was better design options, changes to water disbursement and catchment practices; since then the BTC has flourished and I see no barrier to that in this process.

Glen Hyde

Chair, Belconnen Community Council

15 March 2021

Don’t forget – today at 10.30am BCC are partnering up with S.M.I.L.E to help deliver an inclusive playground for Melba residents. Join us at 1 Conley Drive Melba from 10.30am for some community fun and tell us what you need in your area.

Late last year your BCC Committee were approached by Melba resident Tim Korsopp seeking assistance to form a proposal for an inclusive playground for the suburb.

Over the last few months, Tim and fellow Melba resident Hector Contreras have developed a high level document outlining the proposal and presented it at our February Committee meeting. They have also created a Facebook page S.M.I.L.E so residents can get information and exchange ideas on the proposal.

Your BCC Committee endorsed the proposal and will be partnering with Tim, Hector and other residents to put the proposal to our local Ginninderra MLAs for support. Eventually, we would like to see the proposal picked up by the ACT Government as part of the next budget allocation for feasability studies and implementation funding.

There will be more information published shortly, but please visit the S.M.I.L.E page or get in touch with us if you want more information.

Proposed Residential Apartment Development – Block 11 Section 85 Bruce

Pre-DA Consultation

As part of the preparation of a Development Application for the site, Maxon Group Pty Ltd, is undertaking community consultation to engage with the neighbouring community and key stakeholders.

Maxon Group Pty Ltd invites interested members of the community to attend a virtual information drop-in session to discuss and provide comments on its proposal for the site prior to the submission of a Development Application.

The virtual information session will be held on Wednesday the 17th of June from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. To register for the information session, please send your name, surname and email address to and a link will be sent to you on the day.

For further information and to provide feedback on the proposed design, please visit or contact at 

BCC Meeting Agenda and Chair’s Report June 2020

This month’s online event commences at 7pm on our Facebook Page.

Tonight’s agenda:

  • Welcome and COVID update
  • Belconnen Bikeway
  • North Lawson
  • Response from Sports Australia on AIS future at Bruce
  • New Braybrooke Street Bruce development

You can read the Chair’s report below:

Belconnen Community Council – Chair’s Report June 2020

It’s been pleasing to see the continued downward trend in COVID cases in the ACT. While we still have a single active case, we must remain vigilant as the restrictions are wound back. As I walk through Belconnen Mall, I am frequently struck by the lack of adherence to social distancing requirements and the almost invisibility of the 1.5m gap. Can I encourage everyone to be more conscious of the rules that have served us so well over the last 10 weeks as we start to move toward the new normal.

One of the other positives for the BCC is our reconnection with the Combined Community Councils. This crisis has provided a lot of lessons and opportunities to learn from how other Councils are navigating the challenges, and we are all finding commonality in our experiences. As the year progresses, we hope to be able to share those positives and learn from the negatives to strengthen your voice with government.

Belconnen Bikeway

One of the promises being delivered to the community from the last budget is the construction of the Belconnen Bikeway. While the old Busway section is all but finished, construction is in full swing throughout the town centre and UC. As a regular cyclist I am really pleased with what I’m seeing along Emu Bank and should the same be replicated in the eastern corridor this will be a fantastic community asset for many years to come. We will post photos as the work continues and keep you updated on the progress of each stage.

North Lawson

Community consultation on the development of North Lawson are about to commence. This area of the suburb holds some of the most interesting and diverse changes in soils and plant life; many people have not had an opportunity to walk this part of the estate and it is worth the effort!

A full list of online consultation is available on our website and we encourage everyone to get involved to ensure we get the best possible outcome for North Lawson.

Response from Sports Australia

On the back of the letter we wrote to Sports Australia, Senator Richard Colbeck and Yvette Berry plus our interview on 666 Afternoons regarding the future of the AIS precinct, Sports Australia has written to us with some positivity. In essence, the response tells us they have no intention of going anywhere and are formulating a business case for the federal government to consider in the lead up to next year’s Tokyo Olympics. While the AIS remains closed to the public, they are looking forward to welcoming people back as soon as they are able to. You can read more on our website.

New development for Braybrooke Street Bruce

On the Bruce theme, there is a new development being proposed for Block 11 Section 85 in Braybrooke Street. There will be a virtual information session held on Thursday the 17th of June from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. To register for the information session, please send your name, surname and email address to and a link will be sent to you on the day.

Please visit our Facebook and BCC website pages to keep up with everything that’s happening.

Stay safe and well in these challenging times.

Glen Hyde


Belconnen Community Council

16 June 2020