The ACT Government has been exploring options for the relocation of the green waste drop off which is currently located on Parkwood Road. Several sites were investigated to determine the most appropriate location for this service to continue in West Belconnen. At the conclusion of this work, a suitable site was identified on Stockdill Drive (location indicated below and attached).   This site offers the ability to establish a long-term solution for processing green waste and could also accommodate the co-location of a landscaping supply business. The proposed site is just over 3km from the existing facility and will offer great access to the residents of Belconnen and North Canberra. An important consideration of any site is the requirement that it be located at least 1km from residential premises and have the appropriate environmental controls in place, which this proposed site would provide. The final location of the facility is subject to further consideration by Government including the outcome of a proposed development application process. Prior to the development application process, we are seeking to engage with the community now to ensure the site can meet the needs of all users. 
If you have any feedback please email [email protected] by Friday 4 February 2022. Please note that any feedback you may wish to provide now does not prevent you making any submissions during the development application process as well. It is expected the development application process will commence in late-February/early March 2022. 
In the meantime, the green waste drop off will continue at the current Parkwood Road location until the new facility is operational.