After weeks of community concern and advocacy, the ACT Government has granted the operators of the West Belconnen Green Waste facility (Canberra Sand and Gravel) an extension to continue to operate.

Your Community Council was advised late this afternoon:
In response to community feedback, the ACT Government will extend CSG’s licence on a temporary basis while alternatives for green waste management on the northside are identified.

Congratulations to Minister Steel for hearing every member of this district (and beyond) who signed a petition or conveyed their need for a continued presence for green waste facilities. This is the essence of what we as a community can achieve when we work together with government to get the best possible outcome for our district. Thank you to our Ginninderra MLAs who have supported this outcome.

We look forward to working with the government and the community to identify an appropriate alternative site over the coming months to keep Belconnen “the Jewel in Canberra’s Crown”.

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