Missed our Community meeting this week? It was HUGE!

You’ll find a link to the recording below. Here are the timestamps of the different presentations so you can easily catch up on the issues you’re interested in…


00:00:00 Welcome & Acknowledgment of Country

00:00:43 Chair’s Report

00:05:00 MLA updates

00:20:45 Presentation on proposed Belconnen Oval sub-surface wetland. Presented by Dr Ralph Ogden, Program Manager, ACT Healthy Waterways.

00:55:40 Update re Swanson Street Belconnen development. Presented by Alex Gorecki, Associate Cox Architecture.

UPDATE 16/11/22: Answers to the questions taken on notice have been provided here. Scroll down the page until you find the Community Engagement section. There will be a link for Belconnen Community Council. The answers are in the Q&A document.

01:18:30 Update re Suburban Land Agency projects and land releases. Presented by Drew Jamison, Suburban Land Agency.

01:38:10 Update re Ginninderry and Ginninderry Riverside Park Project. Presented by Imogen Featherstone, Ginninderry Joint Venture.

01:49:22 Health Services Update – Northside Hospital, Northside Clinical Services and Integrated Care. Presented by: Liz Lopa – Executive Group Manager, ACT Health; Cathie O’Neill – Chief Operating Officer, Canberra Health Services


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