University of Canberra design students ideas about improving Belconnen – prize to be awarded at August BCC Public Meeting

Earlier in 2017, the Belconnen Community Council as part of its Belco50 program, created a competition in conjunction with the University of Canberra’s School of Design with the intention of generating ideas that could be used to benefit Belconnen.

The winner of the competition will be announced at theAugust BCC Public meeting by BCC Chair Elizabeth Hirst.

UC is a vital part of Belconnen and is seeking to improve its engagement with the broader community outside its campus. The BCC felt this was a good opportunity to assist students, strengthen UC ties with the community, and tap their students energy and enthusiasm for improving the built environment.

The BCC Committee decided to award a prize to a team of students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Design in a User-Centred Design course. This prize would be for a team that identified a problem through interaction and observation in Belconnen, articulated a design opportunity and prepared a brief outlining a solution that is pertinent to the Belconnen community.

The students were extremely keen to get out and explore Belconnen, with many being new to Canberra and Australia. Working in teams they came up with quite different solutions. In May the students presented their ideas to the BCC Committee and Dr Stephen Trathern of UC’s Faculty of Arts and Design.

As well as being used in their grading, and providing useful field research, the teams that place first and second will be awarded a cash prize, from the Belco50 funds provided by the ACT Government to celebrate Belconnens 50th Birthday.

We encourage the Belconnen public to attend our public meeting in August, view the different ideas, and applaud the teams that win the two prizes being awarded. They range from: improving Emu Bank, a tuk-tuk service, an improved bus interchange, and a Farmers market (there are more ideas!).

All the ideas the BCC Committee have examined are good, and each team has satisfied the brief. It will be very difficult to come up with a winner!

BCC February Public Meeting – Tuesday 21 Feb 7.30PM

The very first public meeting of the Belconnen Community Council will be held at 7.30PM on 21 February 2017 at the Community Room, Belconnen Library.

This month we will have two speakers:
– Attorney General Gordon Ramsay MLA on public art in Belconnen
– Amanda Doelle on Canberra Pet Rescue (cat rescue)

A brief agenda:
7.30 – Meeting Open
7.30 -7.45 – Chairs Report on BCC activities
7.45 – 8.30 – Gordon Ramsay MLA on public art in Belconnen
8.40 – 9.10 – Amanda Doelle – Canberra Pet Rescue

9.30 Meeting closes

All members of the public are welcome.

Kaleen Parties at the Shops, Sat 17 Oct, 10 AM – 2PM · Georgina Crescent, Kaleen

pats logo

Celebrating Kaleen’s family vibe with a day of fun including a live Science experiment show by Dr Graham and live music by Ben Drysdale. Big kids and little kids can write letters to Santa and play giant Jenga!

All residents of Belconnen – but especially those in Kaleen and Giralang are invited to come and enjoy this community event.

You can sample a range of tasty treats at a food fair presented by Supabarn, and the Kaleen retailers will be on hand to serve delicious coffee, cakes and lunch all day long.

Kaleen Parties at the Shops,

Sat 17 Oct, 10 AM – 2PM

Georgina Crescent, Kaleen



Local organisations that will have a presence

  • Maribyrnong Primary School
  • St Michael’s Primary
  • Giralang and Kaleen Men’s Shed
  • Turnbull Martial Arts Academy
  • Crossroads Christian Church
  • Supabarn
  • Butts and Brews
  • Belconnen Community Services
  • LJ Hooker
  • Dance Northside
  • Estia Boutique Hair Salon
  • Aquatots
  • Belconnen Community Council
  • Eat Me Drink Me
  • Family Fast Food
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Capital Metro
  • The Asbestos Taskforce


  • Ben Drysdale
  • Dr Graham Walker (Science show-offs)
  • Roy de Vocce
  • Turnbull Martial Arts Academy





DSCF7398  DSCF7404 DSCF7410  DSCF7415DSCF7414Parties at the Shops is produced by Devil Moon and proudly supported by the Land Development Agency, Events ACT, Bendigo Bank and Capital Metro

Belconnen Community Council is a sponsor of this event.


BCC at the ‘Our Place’ Belco 50 festival – Attractions

In the first of three posts about the ‘Our Place’ festival on Sep 19th at the Belconnen Arts Centre, we focussed mainly on ‘people’. In this post we will look at the stalls and attractions on the day. The third post will be on the entertainment that started at 4 and went until 8PM.

A range of stallholders provided crafts and food for people to enjoy on the beautiful sunny afternoon by the lake, while we were entertained by musicians inside the Belconnen Arts Centre, and on a stage on the lake edge.

As well as delicious hot food like kebabs and sates, there were also gelato filled donuts, milkshakes and cupcakes.

After the sun went down, the fire drums kept people warm, while projections were shone on to the BAC wall, and local musicians played and entertained people.

If you see yourself in these photos, please share it on facebook and drop us an email!


DSCF7474 DSCF7475 DSCF7478 DSCF7502 DSCF7506

DSCF7510 DSCF7512 DSCF7546 DSCF7567 DSCF7572 DSCF7584 DSCF7586 DSCF7590 DSCF7592 DSCF7595 DSCF7607 DSCF7616 DSCF7618 DSCF7621 DSCF7622

DSCF7637 DSCF7642 DSCF7644 DSCF7658 DSCF7667

BCC at the ‘Our Place’ Belco 50 festival – People

2016 will be the 50th birthday for our beautiful Belconnen, and several community organisations have banded together under the Belco 50 banner to celebrate that occasion.

The Belconnen Arts Centre held the ‘Our Place’ festival on Saturday Sep 19th from 4pm to 8PM to kick celebrations off.

Naturally the Belconnen Community Council had a presence there, with a stall carrying information about our community, and some contemporary and historical photographs and publications for people to look at.

As well as local MLA’s, the Chief Minister Andrew Barr dropped by!

If you see yourself in these photos – feel free to post it on your facebook page and drop us an email!

cm daniel bac sep 15

BAC Director Daniel Ballantyne and Chief Minister Andrew Barr

cm bcc sep 15

Some Chief Ministerial love for the BCC!


BCC Committee members Chander and Tim at the BCC stall


Chenoeh – Event OrganiserDSCF7521

Bat KidDSCF7526

MLA Chris BourkeDSCF7529

MLA Yvette BerryDSCF7534

BAC Director Daniel BallantyneDSCF7536

BAC Volunteer CamallieDSCF7537 DSCF7549 DSCF7560

The lovely girls from Heathers House of Cupcakes

b54 hanna bac sep 15

Hanna from 54 Benjamin


BCC Deputy Chair Matt Watts and Belconnen Community Services CEO Dira HorneDSCF7575

BCC Committee Member Graeme Evans and Matt WattsDSCF7587 DSCF7588 DSCF7648 DSCF7649DSCF7518

BCC Committee Member Charles Thomas and Deputy Chair Matt WattsDSCF7467

BCC Committee Member/Treasurer Tim Bogie





Belconnens own radio station UCFM 87.8


Jordan AbelaTeam Coordinator of UCFM, tells us about Belconnens own radio station broadcast from the University of Canberra.

UCFM is a volunteer & student-run, community broadcasting, completely independent radio station. It broadcasts on the FM band at 87.8

We have very little to no revenue, and our service costs are (mostly) funded by the UC union. But, we’ve been quietly running as a freewave advertisement-free station for a niche, local audience for the past 20 years.

UCFM is listed as a club and business independent from the union, run only by the students of the University of Canberra, but with some financial support from the union.

Our listenership is open, and we never ask for any membership or donations (but donations are always appreciated).

Around 1992, professors handed UCFM over to the student body. The university union couldn’t manage it due to the niche field, so they relinquished it to our now overseers, Mitch and Joffy.
Since then we’ve been moved into a smaller studio (pictured was once a janitor’s storage), and all is well. I should point out – we don’t run off the Telstra Tower like most radio stations as it costs several thousand dollars a year to maintain the broadcast (and that’s not even the licensing costs!) We have a custom-made antenna built on the top of the UC Library, which is rare for a radio station.

As the name implies, our main listenership is UC. But, that doesn’t mean we only cater to them. We pride ourselves on being a casual, advertisement free student-run frequency that anyone can listen to. The majority of our tracks are popular music, but we’ve always kept it interesting.
On weekends, you’ll hear a lot more indie/alternative music, particularly in the afternoons.

On Friday nights, we have our 90s, naughties and now segment, where we give a huge spotlight to artists of the past decades.

We have two overseers for our best show In The Hub on Thursday night (currently on hiatus for the student break). Then myself – who manages the ground level and trains volunteers. Two people on Wednesday night for The Hump. We have a regular indie/new music show submitted in called Passport Approved, and that’s it. The rest is automatic. We’re thinking of organising a show for Thursday or Friday lunch/afternoon called The Lounge (with myself and a new recruit), so maybe we can get that on air too!

For our Thursday show In The Hub, we do a minor promotion with the bar next door to us. They give us a bar tab for the night, and we critique the beer on air. And then we’ve got a live DJ on at the same time. The small studio gets packed! We made a lot of great memories in there. One time Joffy suggested (on-air) that the beer in question would go well with ‘a meaty… meat… McMeat pizza!’ And then a new special appeared on the pizza board at that bar the next day: Meaty Meat McMeat Pizza. Great fun.

To be honest, the last five years have been quiet. I won’t beat around the bush – radio is a dying industry, and although there’s still demand for it, it’s slipping. Community radio, especially student-run radio is no exception.

However, we’re kicking along just fine. I’d like to think we’re going through a stage of resurrection at this point. Taking in student volunteers, performing training, working with the UC Press Club and the Audio Journalism students. Baby steps for now, but if we could get back to the glory days of 10, 15 years ago, it’d be fantastic.
The largest challenge is the resurrection ahead. How do you bring a slow station through a dying industry? Aren’t we fine just being quiet, but serving to a small listenership? We’re breaking even, we’re kicking along fine, but nothing is happening. We need to bring UCFM back into the spotlight of the community. Broadcasting live concerts, announcing for the university, supporting even more local bands. Getting involved.

But for now, the small community that we have, we love it dearly. And as long as we have their support, UCFM will do just fine.

Jordan Abela – Team Coordinator
87.8 FM Canberra’s Alternative

You can listen to UCFM on 87.8 on your FM band.

Their website is at:
Their Facebook page is at:

June 2014 – Public meeting: Belconnen Arts Centre Stage 2

Event Date:  Tue, 17/06/2014 – 7:30pm

7.30pm Tuesday 17 June 2014, The Community Room,  Upstairs Belconnen Library, Chandler Street

Daniel Ballantyne, CEO of the Belconnen Arts Centre, and David Whitney, Director artsACT, Community Services Directorate of the ACT Government, will give a presentation on the proposed second stage of the Belconnen Arts Centre.

Landscaping of the foreshore and public access round the Arts Centre will also be discussed.

CHAIR REPORT 17 Jun 2014

BCC Minutes 20140617