May Belconnen Community Council public meeting – DV342 Town Centre Precinct Code consultation

The May 2018 public meeting of the Belconnen Community Council will be held on:

7PM Tuesday 15 May 2018

at the

BCS Theatrette, Swanson Ct, Belconnen Town Centre.

A brief agenda:

  • Welcome from BCC Chair, Glen Hyde
  • A brief update from the BCC Chair on the activities of the BCC over the past month
  • Update from local MLA’s
  • 7.30 – Presentation on the Old Weetangerra Road Project
  • 8.00 – ACT Government planners will present to the community on DV342 the proposed precinct code arising from the Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan, and DV365 on removing the requirement to supply natural gas to Ginninderry suburbs.

All BCC members and members of the public are welcome to attend. For further information email:

DV342 – Precinct code for the Belconnen Town Centre

DV342 is the proposed precinct code following on from the 2016 Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan.

You can download a copy from here.
More information can be found here.

The ACT Government invite written comment on the draft variation from the public by22 June 2018

Old Weetangera Road Trail (Stage 1) Project Overview
Weetangera Road was the original trackway (and subsequent Parish Road) running west from the  Canberra valley, over Bruce Ridge to the Belconnen (formerly Weetangera) region, and onwards to the ford at the junction of the Murrumbidgee and Molonglo Rivers.

Likely dating back to the very earliest days of European settlement in the region, and perhaps even  earlier, it is still visible as either current road alignments, bikeways or remnant tracks running through public land. The route links up many heritage sites in the Belconnen district, and plays an important role in the pre-1960s oral history relating to the region.

This interpretive trail will form an active travel exploration route between markers (similar to those in the Forde Heritage park) installed at key locations along the line of the old road.

The trail will start (or end) at the Lyneham Wetlands, with a ‘Canberra Tracks’ sign showing the full route installed in the park opposite 162 Dryandra Street. Each sign will have a short description of local heritage sites around that section of the road.

In future, short videos could be produced by local groups or schools and triggered by each sign. The trail could be extended to the ford at the Molonglo and Murrumbidge’s junction and link in with the Uriarra Loop track. It could also follow along Coppins Crossing road to the south and link with the Butters Bridge, engaging new developments in the region with some of its oldest European heritage.

water police site digger

BCC lobbying activities in June and July 2017

water police site digger

Submissions made on Section 200

Following the special June 13 Belconnen Community Council public meeting on the Section 200 Development Application the BCC prepared two submissions.

  • One concerning public parking being provided in accordance with the deed of sale for the site, including over 1500 signatures from an accompanying petition, available here, and
  • a submission requesting that a DA for a 27 storey building on Section 200 is not converted to a 34 storey building, after approval has been granted, available here.

The future of the Water Police site

The BCC also wrote to the Minister for Planning, Mick Gentleman MLA (and all Ginninderra MLA’s) over the future of the Water Police site on Emu Bank. We have asked that the sale of this site be delayed until the planning processes for Emu Bank have been completed. Until that occurs we have asked that the site be grassed and have seating placed there. That letter can be found here.

Cladding materials on tall Belconnen buildings

In the light of recent fires on tall buildings relating to non-compliant building materials in Melbourne, Beijing, Dubai and London, concerns about the same materials being used in Belconnen were raised. The BCC has asked the Minister for Planning, Mick Gentleman MLA to ensure that the tall residential buildings in the Belconnen Town Centre, and those yet to be built, are using material that complies with building regulations. That letter can be found here.

Please let us know

We make submissions after discussions with Belconnen Community Council members, the public and the BCC Committee. The committee appreciates the views of it’s members and urges them to email the Chair at with matters regarding Belconnen that they feel we may have an interest in.

Water Police Building Open Day 26 Feb 2017 – 1 to 5 PM

water police open day 26 feb

This is your last chance to see this building before demolition! The ACT Government through the Land Development Agency have agreed to let the Belconnen Community Council and the Belco50 committee host an open day prior to demolition.

There will be a sausage sizzle provided by the Lake Ginninderra Sea Scouts and face painting and a jumping castle to keep the kids amused. The Sea Scouts are also holding a regatta beforehand, and there is a jetty – so why not arrive by canoe!
Guided access to the building will be provided, including the upper level. Unfortunately, there is no disabled access to the upper level.

The AFP Museum has provided some historical documents related to the building that will also be on display.

This is it folks, in the days after this event the building will be prepared for demolition, ahead of the sale of the site.

BCC AGM 15 November 2016

Belconnen Community Council Inc.
Annual General Meeting followed by General Meeting
15 November 2016, 7:30 – 9:00 pm
Venue: Community Room Belconnen Library
1. 7:30 pm Welcome & and call for apologies
2. 7:35 pm AGM Business
(a) Chair’s Annual Report – BCC Chair, Damien Haas
(b) Acceptance of previous AGM Minutes
(c) Acceptance of audited accounts.
(d) Public Officer declares all committee positions vacant.
Committee appointments for 2016-17 announced:
Chair: Elizabeth Hirst
Deputy Chair: Glen Hyde
Secretary: Chander Khera
Committee members:
Damien Haas,
Brian Rhynehart
Charles Thomas
Treasurer position nominations called for from the floor.
Other Committee positions called for from the floor.
(e) Appointment of Richard Trevanion as auditor for 2016-17
8:00 pm AGM declared closed.
General Meeting 15 November 2016,
1. 8:02 pm Chair’s report including Belco50
BCC Chair, Damien Haas
2. 8:15 pm David Collett, Executive Director, Public Housing Renewal Taskforce
3. 8:30 pm Emu Bank and Kippax Fair Discussion
4. 8:45 pm Other Business
4. 9:00 pm Meeting Close

BCC Monthly Public Meeting June 21st 7PM

The monthly public meeting of the Belconnen Community Council will take place at 7PM on June 21 2016 at the Community Room above the Belconnen Library.

This month we have the opportunity to engage in community consultation with three different organisations proposing development in the Belconnen Town Centre.

We will also discuss the Belco50 celebrations commencing on June 23.

Stewart Architecture on behalf of the Rock Development Group will present new plans to fill the giant hole in the ground at the Belconnen Markets, and seek feedback from the community. The proposed buildings will be 6 storeys high, between the Belconnen Markets and Belconnen Way, and have ground level retail space.

The Land Development Agency would like to discuss options for the old Water Police site on Lake Ginninderra. The site is small with room for a retail only building no higher than two storeys. Public access to the jetty and boat ramp must remain. No decisions or plan have been made yet, and public views are now being sought on options and ideas for this site.

Elton Consulting will present plans for the block behind the Belconnen Labor Club (Section 200). Canberra developer GEOCON purchased this block in 2015, and would like to present preliminary plans to the public ahead of lodging a DA. This site is proposed for a 27 storey mixed use building facing the lake.

A brief agenda is:

  • Meeting Opens 7PM
  • Chairs report
  • Belco50
  • Stewart Architects – Belconnen Markets proposal
  • Elton Consulting – Geocon Section 200
  • LDA – Water Police site options
  • Other business
  • Meeting closes 9PM

All residents of Belconnen are invited to attend.

Clean Up Australia Day March 6th

BCC members, local community groups and members of the public took part in Clean Up Australia Day all over Belconnen. Many bags of rubbish were removed from the environment and much of it was recyclable material.

You can take part in next years Clean Up Australia Day and keep up to date by liking their facebook page here.

lake ginninderra sea scouts

The Lake Ginninderra Sea Scouts and their fleet of garbage scour kayaks

clean up australia day emu bank mar 16

Happy litter collectors

mcdonalds rubbish emu bank

Why can’t the pigs that left this litter here walked 20 feet and placed it in a bin?

lake trolley

This didn’t fit in the bags we had

Have your say: draft Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan

Download the draft Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan

The BCC had a very active role in facilitating community engagement in initial consultations on what should be in the Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan. The eagerly awaited draft Master Plan has now been released and this again presents an important opportunity to have your say on issues you feel strongly about – whether you’re in favour of ideas or think some ideas need further work.

Key themes or issues in the draft Master Plan include:

  • parking: providing adequate car parking in the Town Centre, including a central podium car park which is in proximity to many services and recreation areas (such as across from the current Belconnen Community Centre), as well as providing adequate overflow parking at John Knight Memorial Park
  • connectivity: widening our paths where there are currently conflicting uses (such as around parts of Lake Ginninderra), increasing cycle paths (including utilising the Joynton Smith busway) and path and cycleway connectivity throughout the Town Centre and to other suburbs
  • preservation: ensuring our open spaces, particularly areas like Margaret Timpson Park and the Diddams Close peninsula, are preserved for future generations. Their beauty and greenery offer an important contrast to a densifying Town Centre.
  • public domain: making our Town Centre easier to linger and feel safe in: better seating, more and interesting artwork, lighting and 40km/h zones with the reduction of the current plastic speed humps
  • densification: medium- and higher-density in the Town Centre is encouraged, as are measures to ensure the buildings are high quality
  • Lake Ginninderra: could other uses include a program of habitat rehabilitation, or a community garden?
  • building heights: the general theme is that existing tall buildings do not exceed the Brindabella ranges ridgeline from any direction and the intent is to keep it this way; this means that 27 storeys (maximum) can be accommodated in some areas (like the already approved Wayfarer and Westfield sites, as well as at the second stage of the Linq development and the new Geocon development at the car park of the Labor Club) while a variety of heights can be accommodated in other areas
  • central ‘civic’ area of Belconnen: there are still unresolved questions about how to activate the area around and including  Margaret Timpson Park; there is some evidence that it is increasingly being used thanks to the growing number of nearby residents
  • creating a destination at Emu Bank: this includes moving some of the parking away from the area to allow greater activation and set the restaurants back to allow for outdoor dining at restaurant height level, slightly raised from pedestrian walking level. This would include some residential/commercial development such as 2-4 storey buildings (note many of the buildings are already two storey).
  • Lathlain Street: the Master Plan indicates some residential development on the side closest to Luxton Street, across from Westfield, up to and including the current bus depot. The present indication is that heights could reach up to 18 storeys across from Westfield, with shorter heights behind it (such as at the bus depot). The learn to ride area would be retained under the current plan.
  • University of Canberra: the UC Master Plan should be regularly revised to increasingly included connectivity with the Belconnen Town Centre

However you feel about the issues in the Master Plan, it is ultimately a draft. The next 7 weeks provide an important opportunity for us to consider – as a community – what ideas should remain and what might need further tweaking or amendments. Comments are due by 20 November 2015. From 30 September there will be a range of ways to make your views known.