May 2012 Public Meeting

The Director General, or his delegate, of the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate and Mr Craig Simmons will be our speakers for the May public meeting. The ESDD aims to lead the Territory in developing and implementing targeted policies and programs that address environment protection and sustainability, nature conservation, heritage, water and energy security, sustainable urban design, and sustainable transport and spatial planning.

7.30pm, Community Room, 15 May 2012
Upstairs Belconnen Library, Chandler Street

Our speakers will clarify the difference in the roles and responsibilities of ACTPLA (part of the ESDD) and the Land Development Agency (part of the Economic Development Directorate).

Craig Simmons will be available to answer your queries about problems arising from buildings or renovations. Mr Simmons can address your questions about your rights and responsibilities under the Territory Plan when dealing with builders, architects, certifiers etc.

Minutes [824MB]