The Kippax Master Plan area

The Kippax Master Plan process has been running since 2014 and has been through extensive community consultation. The BCC are very disappointed that the 2019 Master Plan reflects the private Master Plan proposed by Elton consulting on behalf off the owners of Kippax Fair, and not the outcomes presented in the 2016 draft Master Plan. The BCC have major concerns about the loss of public open space and insufficient community facilities under the 2019 Kippax Master Plan.

In March 2019 the ACT Government released the Kippax Master Plan and DV 361, the associated Draft Variation to amend the Territory plan, required for the public open space to be sold off for use as a shopping centre. Documents relating to the process and the community responses, are available below.

Any submissions on the Draft Variation, that will enable the public open space, currently used as playing fields by the community, to be sold off, must be made by May 10 2019.