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ABC Online reported on October 3 2015 that the headquarters for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will likely remain in Belconnen in Canberra’s north after the Federal Government cancelled its tender for a new office building.

bcc imm belcoBelconnen Community Council member Damien Haas said the decision delivered certainty and relief to town centre businesses and residents.

“It was an enormous issue. That department has been there for 30 years,” he said.

“People have built their lives, life, around where they work and where they live.

“Uprooting 4,000 people and moving them somewhere else … that’s about a third of the Belconnen Town Centre’s workforce. So many local businesses would have been really impacted.”

Mr Haas praised strong bi-partisan lobbying for the backflip.

“Senator Zed Seselja has worked very hard. Andrew Leigh has been absolutely dogged in trying to hold the Government to account on the decision,” he said.

“At Senate estimates Katy Gallagher asked some very probing questions which meant that the department knew that this wasn’t an issue that was just going to be, you know ticked off and the department would move.”

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