Help us build a tiny house for Anti-Poverty Week

The BCC urge you to support this worthwhile community based project to alleviate poverty. It is being run out of a local Belconnen church, Uniting Care Kippax – that has an established record of working with and in the community.
A small pledge from you can go a very long way.
Homelessness and affordable housing are big, tough things to deal with. Nobody should have to manage that on their own.

UnitingCare Kippax and a bunch of friends are working together to show that small things can make a big difference. We want to build a tiny house (just 7m long and 2.4m wide) on a trailer for less than $35,000. It may be tiny but for some people who need it for a little while, it’ll still be home.

The tiny house will help people who need a place to stay for a short time and have nowhere else to go. Maybe they’re leaving a bad situation and need a couple of weeks to move into a new place. Maybe they’re waiting for their public housing place to become available. Maybe they’re a refugee who just needs a place for a little while before their permanent placement becomes available.

The tiny house will also be used to show that it’s possible to live in a small space and to save money on some housing costs (like heating and cooling) by making smart choices on stuff like insulation, power sources and so on. It might just get used as an information stall as well.

The hashtag for the project will be #letsbuild.

How the funds will be used

The funds will be used to purchase a truck, and equipment to refit it into a sustainable, affordable tiny house.

August 2015 BCC Public meeting this Tuesday 18th August 2015

michelle doherty snow

The next public forum of the Belconnen Community Council will be held at
7.30pm, Tuesday, 18th August 2015
in the
Belconnen Library (upstairs, in the Community Room), Chandler Street, Belconnen.

The planned meeting agenda is:
7.30pm-7.35pm Welcome, Apologies and Chair’s Report
7.35pm-7.45pm Dira Horne from the Belconnen Community Service will talk about the BCS Car Rally and the 10/10 Project
7.45pm-8.15pm Q&A with Yvette Berry MLA
8.15pm-8.25pm Short break
8.25pm-8.45pm Clare McGrath from ACT Neighbourhood Watch
8:45pm-9.05pm Katrina Smithers from Palliative Care ACT

All welcome!

BCC Chair Tara Cheyne talks to ABC radio about the Kippax master plan and future development in West Belconnen

Genevieve Jacobs spoke to BCC Chair Tara Cheyne on ABC 666 radio today, about the Kippax master plan and development in West Belconnen. Planning Minister Mick Gentleman is interviewed first, with Tara appearing at the 3.22 minute/second mark.

The BCC are keen that West Belconnen is connected to the rest of Belconnen by good planning and public transport. We also want Kippax to remain a lively and friendly centre of the community.

The interview is online here.