water police site digger

water police site digger

Submissions made on Section 200

Following the special June 13 Belconnen Community Council public meeting on the Section 200 Development Application the BCC prepared two submissions.

  • One concerning public parking being provided in accordance with the deed of sale for the site, including over 1500 signatures from an accompanying petition, available here, and
  • a submission requesting that a DA for a 27 storey building on Section 200 is not converted to a 34 storey building, after approval has been granted, available here.

The future of the Water Police site

The BCC also wrote to the Minister for Planning, Mick Gentleman MLA (and all Ginninderra MLA’s) over the future of the Water Police site on Emu Bank. We have asked that the sale of this site be delayed until the planning processes for Emu Bank have been completed. Until that occurs we have asked that the site be grassed and have seating placed there. That letter can be found here.

Cladding materials on tall Belconnen buildings

In the light of recent fires on tall buildings relating to non-compliant building materials in Melbourne, Beijing, Dubai and London, concerns about the same materials being used in Belconnen were raised. The BCC has asked the Minister for Planning, Mick Gentleman MLA to ensure that the tall residential buildings in the Belconnen Town Centre, and those yet to be built, are using material that complies with building regulations. That letter can be found here.

Please let us know

We make submissions after discussions with Belconnen Community Council members, the public and the BCC Committee. The committee appreciates the views of it’s members and urges them to email the Chair at chair@belcouncil.org.au with matters regarding Belconnen that they feel we may have an interest in.