As this year’s Annual General Meeting is being held online, we can’t actually capture signatures to meet the sign in requirements. However, we will use the sign in function on Zoom to record attendees; that means we can’t admit people to the meeting who use group identifiers rather than use their own names. If this proves problematic for members and visitors, then you will be able to view the recording of the meeting on Wednesday morning via this website. We appreciate your understanding.

Belconnen Community Council Chair’s Report AGM September 2021

We have had quite a year in the Belconnen District and across the territory. COVID-19 is by far the biggest drain on our people; the continuing health and economic crisis impacts us all in ways many of us have never experienced before. We are an incredibly resilient community but unlike every other natural disaster that’s befallen us, we cannot come together in the usual ways to offer support and assistance to those doing it tough. To that end it’s been tough on all of us and is likely to be so in the weeks and months ahead, but I know we are a well informed and sensible community who have always played by the rules and will continue to do so until this pandemic breaks. So please, get vaccinated if you can and do it as soon as you can.

There have been a few silver linings on the pandemic cloud this year; although somewhat rare they have been a statement by this community that we are passionate and intend to participate at every level possible.

Our ongoing battle over the Kippax Centre redevelopment has seen some movement but the overall loss of the green space has been a difficult pill to swallow. On balance, we have an opportunity to continue to influence the conversation on design, construction and amelioration lost open spaces in the future, with the pre-DA consultation process still some months away. As always, we will continue to bring all the parties together whenever we can to ensure the community’s voice is heard and our expectations recorded for decision makers to genuinely consider.

We were able to bring many voices together at Melba to amplify the conversation on the SMILES initiative to deliver an inclusive playground for the families of Belconnen. It was a wonderful day and saw many voluntary organisations come together to support this neighbourhood in their push to repurpose a neglected area to be converted into a source of community pride. Congratulations to Tim Korsopp and Hector Contreras for the wonderful work they did to bring our Ginninderra MLAs together to provide political support for the project and for daring to dream of a worthy initiative that SMILES is.

This was certainly the case with the other major win for our community; Parkwood’s Green Waste centre. While a decision as difficult as this one was to make by the Minister, it was an even more bitter pill for the community to swallow. We have always actively participated in any waste management solution given to us; recycling is a way of life in this district and one we’ve always taken very seriously. As a community we came together from all sides to save this important resource and so it was no surprise that with the help of our local MLAs, an 11th hour solution was secured. This is what we do best in the Belconnen district and it was great to see that respected and rewarded by Minister Steel.

The next 12 months will be just as challenging and can I thank my wonderful committee for another solid year in very trying circumstances. Thanks to our Ginninderra & Yerrabi MLAs who have supported our work so enthusiastically and of course to the wonderful people who live, work and play in our district.

Glen Hyde


Belconnen Community Council

21 September 2021